• Destroy Your Opposition with the Ultimate Bowling Guide

    Bowling is just like chess: a day to learn it, a lifetime to master it. But now you can actually cut some corners thanks to The Ultimate Bowling Guide. After much practice and research Eric Miller finally put together this one of a kind guide. Hidden in its pages are all the tips and tricks needed to take you and your bowling skills to the next level. But you have to be serious about it. The Ultimate Bowling Guide will work for you only if you are a steady player.

    In this guide you will find out what separates the amateurs from the professionals. The Ultimate Bowling Guide will take step by step through every mistake you make. It will tell you why you do it and how to correct it. Some mistakes you might not even be aware of, while of others you are but can´t find the solution to them. The Ultimate Bowling Guide identifies them for you and comes with all the answers you need.

    You will find ways of improving your game and also how to make backup plans. The Ultimate Bowling Guide teaches you how important it is to have a backup plan and how to do it. After all you will never be in your best form all the time. That’s when you have to rely on plan B.

    Footwork, different lane conditions or the grip on the ball all affect the power and trajectory. From The Ultimate Bowling Guide you will find out just how that is done. More than that: how to use those conditions to your advantage.

    And the best has yet to come. The Ultimate Bowling Guide will show you five secrets that will turn you into a destroyer of any opposition. And with practice even pro players will fall prey to your skills. That’s because some of these secrets are not known by many, not even the pros. So you better start practicing your game. The Ultimate Bowling Guide will make sure the practice pays off.




    The Ultimate Bowling Guide has a great price and valid information. All is due to John Jowdy, the man who scientifically studied this sport.


    The only thing I can think of is that the author is not a professional player, although he practices frequently.





    Customer Review

    “One tip from the book helped me keep my ball in more control (keep the ball right side of me instead of middle of my body at the starting position). I used to bowl around 90-100. I bowled over 200 twice last weeks!”  Tony Kim


    “Yes. My bowling game improved dramatically. I fixed my timing, I fixed my release. I went from 173 averages to 199 averages. I got rid of my hip pain. I adjust to conditions much faster (within a frame or two), before I read the book it took me one complete game or sometimes even longer or not at all”  Tomaz Erzen


    Just a few opinions give by those who bought the guide.




    Bottom Line:

    With all the testimonials and low refund rate The Ultimate Bowling Guide has proved that it really does what it claims to.

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