• Overview of the 100 Day Marathon Plan

    100 Day Marathon Plan is a program that gets one ready for marathon effectively and efficiently and at the same time prevent you from getting injured during the process of training for marathon. The 100 day marathon plan is a digital program and at the same time a book meaning that you will get new information that you would otherwise not get in any other marathon program. The program realizes that training hard is not the only solution for winning but that you have to train smart in order to be a fast marathon runner.

    100 Day Marathon Plan contains fifteen videos for instructions that are designed to help one during the process of training. In addition to that, there are like 10 videos which focus on the preparation aspect of the training such as picking the correct shoes for training, running with a good body posture and your diet during the training period. The 100 Day Marathon Plan is basically a combination of two unique training styles; the first one is based on the Italian training marathon concept while the second one is focused on the Kenyan marathon concept.

    The Italian marathon concept in this case will see the training method begin by one going for a run for five kilometers. Next, you will need to advance your training and run for another ten kilometers. The reason as to why this program incorporates this training method is that it reduces the risk of one getting injured. In addition to that, the 100 Day Marathon Plan on this first training method will prevent one from getting bored running for long.

    The Kenyan concept on other focuses on what Kenyan runners actually do, such that they have become very successful even on the international level. In this instance the 100 Day Marathon Plan realizes that you do not need to push hard in order to be successful, you have to find a balance so as to achieve the most and at the same time prevent any unnecessary injuries.

    The program is known as a 100 Day Marathon Plan because one will train for the next one hundred days without having to spend too many days doing a lot of exercise that will burn you out in the end. In addition to that, with the program you can learn to adjust the plan for as low as 60 days to even 150 days.



    100 Day Marathon Plan is a very flexible plan that you can adjust to fit your timetable. In addition to that, is the fact that it helps you your own finishing time all based upon your training program.


    Currently, no cons have been brought forward in regard to the product. It is safe and considers the health of trainee first.




    Customer Reviews

    A lot of people who have used the 100 Day Marathon Plan have had this to day:


    "Most marathon schedules are rigid. The 100 Day Marathon Plan deals with flexibility and gives runners options. I especially enjoyed the marathon race-day tips and how you combine the Italian and Kenyan schools of thought into one program. I like the use of Lydiard-like periodization with a build from the 5K to the marathon itself. All types of runners would benefit from this type of marathon work. That's the best thing about this program: It's for everyone! It builds you up for the marathon, step-by-step instead of getting you to think about the marathon from day one. I've never seen anything like this before" Duncan Larkin, Running Times Magazine writer and 2.32 marathon runners.


    Another marathoner Martin Sundal had this to say: "To illustrate what Marius' program did to my shape: During the 12 weeks of training towards New York Marathon I "tested" myself weekly on the SRM race (3.3k). The 10th of August 2005 by the start of the schedule: 12:39, the 7th of September: 12:13, the 12th of September 11:25 and the 12th of October 11:16. That means an improvement of 11%! On a marathon this is equal to almost 30 minutes improvement on only 12 weeks of trainingOn the starting line in New York my weight was reduced to 71 kg, 10 kg (20 pounds) lower than it was 12 weeks earlier. The feeling was amazing. Especially the feeling of being extremely strong the last 10 k. For a relatively untrained person just some months before to pass 250 runners (and only getting passed by 3) on the last 10 k and a finishing position of 517 out of 37 000 was an experience of a lifetime.”



    Bottom Line:

    Everybody yearns for success and for marathoners it is the gold that keeps them training. By following the directives of the 100 Day Marathon Plan, you are sure to get the gold that you want.

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