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    This is a guide to unlocking the hidden soccer talent in you as well as enabling parents and coaches get an unshakable soccer player from kids. It is a wonderful guide that is full of articles that have been generated from some of the leading soccer players and teams in the field. The guide covers all the basic soccer skills such as dribbling, passing the ball, how to get in to great positions both defensively as well as on the offence. Budding young players can start developing their skill as well as their physical condition to not only open their true potential but also assert their presence on the pitch.

    The Total Soccer Fitness is a guide that is aimed at developing the physique of upcoming soccer stars. It has been noted in the soccer fraternity that injuries are the leading cause of career termination. We have seen talented young soccer players lose their careers after a terrible accident on the pitch. With the guide you can be sure that you as a player will be able to pull out of these injuries without much trouble. Coaches can be sure that they will never lose the star of their teams to injuries when they follow the Total Soccer Fitness guide. Another person that the guide will benefit is parents of these rising soccer superstars. They can take charge of their kid’s career by ensuring that they are not prone to injuries on and off the field.




    The Total Soccer Fitness guide covers all the angles when it comes to achieving a physique that will see players through an entire soccer season. Through this players can keep on gaining experience because they are never sidelined due to injuries and at the end of it they will be better soccer players.



    The Total Soccer Fitness guide does not cover the skill aspect of the game, although it offers invaluable tips on how to keep fit throughout a soccer career.





    Customer Reviews

    'If you want to discover the real secrets to becoming super fit for soccer, then Total Soccer Fitness is the thing for you. This ebook covers topics on aerobic and anaerobic endurance conditioning; strength and explosive power conditioning; speed, agility, and quickness conditioning; flexibility conditioning and stretching for soccer; and warming up and cooling down.'
    From Agility


    "I've always been a fit player - one of the fittest on my team but Total Soccer Fitness has shown me a whole new level. I've followed the drills and programs inside and I am definitely fittest I've ever been! As a result I much more consistent and I the amount of energy I have really has increased my confidence. I recommend Total Soccer Fitness to any player or coach."
    John M., Soccer Player



    Bottom Line:

    With the Total Soccer Fitness guide you can be sure that your career as a soccer player or that of a loved one will go from one strength to another. You will never have to worry about injuries or fitness levels and because of this, you can focus more on other soccer aspects such as skills.

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