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    Tired of all that loosing or making childish mistakes when serving? Volleyball Magic is a great help for anyone who is seeking to improve performance. It doesn't matter if you are a coach or a player. It doesn't take into account if you played volleyball for 1 month or 3 years. There is always room for improvement and Volleyball Magic does just that. A guide that offers precious information about your road to success, you will only benefit from its wisdom.

    With an all comprehensive approach Volleyball Magic has everything you need to better your performance as a player or team. From a better body position to an almost ideal court placement Volleyball Magic has all the data you will ever need.

    It is structured in 4 parts for easier understanding and use. These 4 parts talk about training drills of regular difficulty and more “covert” ones as they are known in Volleyball Magic. But knowing techniques is not everything, as most of us know. For perfect cooperation good communication and the right mind set are necessary.

    Luckily Volleyball Magic covers those aspects too. Especially the third part refers to how to build the right attitude: the Champion Attitude. It is much more than just telling yourself “I can do it”. Volleyball Magic will tell you just how much more is needed, including a proper and correct food regime.

    Finally the last part includes interviews with volleyball champions detailing just how they got to be at the top. This and much more can be found only in Volleyball Magic. And all of the information there is proven and actually works. Of course getting 100% matches won is entirely up to you and the team. The chances of success are more than doubled, if you use the information from Volleyball Magic.





    For all the valuable information given in Volleyball Magic, the price is very decent. The guide is also written by a known respectable writer, Hayley Merrett, so scam possibility is null.



    Not well known enough to get sufficient independent feedback on the guide. Still most of it is positive.




    Customer Reviews

    My team played a killer game last week because of what we learned from watching the video critiques. What an eye-opener! I’ve found it’s a fantastic way to learn new skills and understand where our game is lacking - so much easier than trying to follow diagrams and reading books.” Matthew Nash


    “We are going to start practicing the "slide play" this week. I know it’s an advanced drill but with the video, pictures and diagrams you provide will make it easier for us to learn. I sure hope our opposition is not part of your membership!”  Fiona McMahon


    Just two of the many satisfied with the results after purchasing Volleyball Magic. There are even more out there.



    Bottom Line:

    The truth is this book is a must have if you wish to play volleyball and win. Maybe you won´t win 100 %, but 90% matches won are still well within reach if you practice.

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